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About the Founder

My Travel Tracker was born whilst Sacha 26 years young Dutchie, founder of the app, was backpacking through Sri Lanka. Meeting inspiring people and visiting the most beautiful places, she soon felt the need to store all these experiences. A digital journal to keep track of all your steps, save your pictures and videos by trips, connecting, inspiring, meet and grow a bucketlist with tips from fellow travelers.

my travel tracker

my travel tracker

"Traveling has always been a big part of my life. I am Dutch, born in Australia and raised in France. As soon as I finished school I started working and saved money to travel. I love capturing cultures and people from around the globe.

My Travel Tracker was really something I missed whilst on a trip, a social platform only about traveling. Where you can create, meet, save, share, connect, recommend & most importantly, be inspired by fellow travelers. I am the UX/UI designer of the app and I teamed up with a marketing team and developers to make my vision a reality ."