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13 Reasons Why I Love to Live in Amsterdam

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Still remember the first time, while waiting for my flight to Switzerland, the row on my left side was embarking to Amsterdam. And I remember seeing this relaxed hip vibe in the people waiting for their plane; I loved it.

That day I knew I had to go to Amsterdam.

Before even moving to Amsterdam, all the information I had of this city was through a movie named “Euro trip” from 2004. An interesting film about three guys travelling in Europe where Amsterdam is a vast reference; Soft drugs and prostitution are the primary topic.

Impression number one, Amsterdam = soft drugs + prostitution.

Also, while studying in high school, I remembered a few friends travelling to Amsterdam talking about their experience and how magic truffles were the most enjoyable experience they ever had.

Impression number two, Amsterdam = Magic truffles and looks fun.

After moving here, a little bit longer than two years ago, I have to say that I underestimate Amsterdam.

This city is not what that movie displayed;

  1. This film didn’t show a cosy little city, full of green places and people who don’t have the sun as granted but they know how to enjoy every second of the sunshine.

  2. There are more bikes than people, and at the beginning that was a bit confusing to mee. Now I can’t go anyplace without my bike.

  3. People are highly focused, determined, but also caring.

  4. Amsterdam offers more solutions than problems. When I see something new, I find out that it already exists from a few years ago.

  5. The right balance between work and fun, the possibilities of working four days a week are possible.

  6. People care about having a healthy mindset and finding ways to stay mindful.

  7. Start-ups rise every second. To keep the level, I need to be always stepping up my game.

  8. Always witnessing an increase in diversity, which I love it.

  9. There is gender equality in the workforce.

  10. Digitally developed, and highly demanding.

  11. Great summer festivals and excellent dancing scene.

  12. Creative entrepreneurs are bringing unconventional ideas.

  13. Last but not least, a city full of beautiful people that even when busy they will smile at you.

That’s my worldview of Amsterdam. I am aware that a lot of people, including the ones who live here, might not share the same view, which it’s ok. But for me, wherever I go next, I will keep this city in my heart.

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