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Introduce a Travelling Mindset in Your Routine

A common mistake that my fellow travellers do, and also me, while adventuring in a new chapter, is to remind ourselves to fall in love with the journey and not only the destination.

Many times I made that mistake, suffering from anxiety while packing, or getting scared from whatever could happen while waiting from my plane in the airport, or having this feeling of intense relief when finally reached the target. That’s a terrible start of travelling.

Reinvent your journey

The journey will be the creation of the most impactful moments of your trip. Instead of rushing, why don’t you just contemplate every second of it?

Take some time to pack your things and imagine every scenario of that incredible, colourful, striped, Hawaiian shirt that you just bought, or that book that you can’t wait to read on the plane. And on the flight, make some eye contact with the passengers, and maybe try to know them, why not? They are already part of your journey, and it just began.

Learn to Let it Go

The journey will teach us how to accept any bunk we might have; it will guide us into decisions we thought were the best for any occurring problem. Right before the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to travel to Asia, for three weeks, I backpacked through Vietnam and Cambodia. When returning, I lost my flight back to Amsterdam, which made me spent over than 500 € on a new flight ticket.

Can you guess what my reaction was?

I accepted it. Mistakes happen all the time, and that’s what travelling taught me throughout the years. Taught me to let it go!

Doesn’t matter how good of a planner and a perfectionist you are. A trip will never entirely go how you planned, and that’s what makes things exciting.

And if anything goes wrong, what do we do? We solve it!

Our brain will not stop till getting us out of that situation. Giving up is never an option; we managed to be there; we will find our way out of there.

This extensive introduction brings me to my today’s theme,

don’t worry; I will ensure to keep it short!

Why can’t we use the same mindset when it comes to our daily life?

Can you imagine how simple our life would be if you live life like you set up to live your travelling journey? Who said we could not adopt a traveller’s mindset at home?

Why can’t we just do more, be more, get more, feel more and love more every day? Isn’t a little bit Hippocratic that people decide to do it only while travelling?

Activate all your senses

While exploring, it’s when we finally take time to relax and activate all our senses.

Every breath we take matters. We stare at this brilliantly red and orange sunset till it goes. We Feel every second of those vibrating, soaring, and bumpy roads we ride through; We taste every bit of that spicy, smoky, bitter or salty recipes we never tried before.

We try to interact and connect with the locals by asking them all types of questions, about their culture, their family, their habits, their food, everything.

Why does this curiosity fades when we return? And how can we recreate these moments?

It’s not an easy process, but it’s essential to be aware of it first. Recognize that you don’t have the same mindset on your daily life from when you were travelling, because you have your home as granted.

If every day we stop and take a few minutes to enjoy our surrounding, we will find unique, worthy instagramable captures. Supermarkets offer varieties of products where we can simulate the food experiences we had in Asia, for instance. Dedicate some time recreating some of those memories and enjoy every second of it.

Life is also about the journey, and not only the destination, and we can make our journey as much pleasant as possible.

The more challenges we face, the easier will be for us to overcome them. We become more resilient, physically, and emotionally.

My Travel Tracker New Feature

Throughout this pandemic re-create some of the feelings you had while you were on vacation. Luckily enough My Travel Tracker App will include a feature called “Local Stories”, encouraging users to travel locally and share with others the place they call “Home”. There are so many benefits both for the communities, for yourself, and the small local tourism business. Discover the beauties of your own “backyard”; there is so much to explore no matter where you live. And others will be able to add those beautiful spots to their bucket list with one click of a button.

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing”, Dr Seuss.

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