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Maximize Fun & Stay Sane during Lengthy Road Trips

Many travellers are more often choosing to fly short distances, rather than driving for an extended period of time. While the flight may be quick, it is more expensive, not exciting and definitely not value-adding to your trip as a whole. A road trip with your travel companions is much more thrilling and satisfactory. It is however, important that your road trip is planned well, otherwise it may change from an adventurous journey, to a stressful one. Take some time to plan your trip, consider the various tools you may need along the way, and plan in some unique activities and stops!

Practical Suggestions

Check your car before you leave. Nobody wants to be the ones stuck on the side of the road, waiting for support in an unknown country. Do the clever thing, and give your car a thorough check up before you leave. This is guaranteed to save you some drama on your trip.

Examine your route options, and plan which roads you want to drive. There are many apps to download that will pin point the gas stations, bathroom stops, and eateries along the way. It is also a good idea to read up on the local road laws in the countries you plan to pass through.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This might sound like something your mother would say, but trust me, you will not regret it. It is important to pack plenty of water to give you maximum energy. This might add on to the amount of bathroom breaks you were planning, but on the other hand it gives you some time to stretch your legs.

Prepare all your mobile devices, and stock up on useful and entertaining apps. Download playlists on Spotify, in case you lose mobile data. Look into which apps might be handy for directions, and download offline maps. If you are planning to visit a country where you are unfamiliar with the language, maybe look into a translator app. Finally, don’t forget to download some entertainment apps for games, books and movie or show streaming.


There is no doubt that music can take your ordinary, boring and dragging road trip, to an entertaining, inspiring and life changing experience! Of course, you can make your own playlist, but if you are looking for something new, check out the Spotify playlists below for those songs you might have forgotten about yourself.

Feeling Good, Feeling Great

5 hours of fun! This playlist will transform your car ride, into a party with all of your favorite tunes. There is no way that this playlist will not boost your mood, and have you singing along in seconds.

A Perfect Day

Another playlist to boost your mood, this time with 4.5 hours of old and new songs. Timeless tunes suited for everyone on your road trip.

Songs to Sing in the Car

Maybe obvious, but nonetheless a great playlist for your road trip with friends! Almost 6 hours of songs to sing along to, that make you want to roll down the window and share the tunes with the world.

All Out…

These Spotify playlists are fantastic, especially if you are driving with mixed generations. Pick a decade, for example the 80’s, 00’s or even the 50’s and get carried away to the tunes of that time.


After you have listened to all your playlists and discussed all that there is to talk about, you might want to pass the time with some games. See ideas below for games that all ages will enjoy.

1. Would you rather…?

2. Categories

3. Mad Libs

4. 20 Questions

5. Never Have I Ever

6. I Spy…

7. Name the Song

8. The Rhyming Game

9. The Movie Game

10. Who Am I?


A word that has everyone’s attention, and often everyone’s first question when going on a road trip: ‘what snacks are we bringing?!’. Planning a road trip can be just as much fun as the actual journey, which includes buying and preparing some yummy things to eat. You want to choose something that is easy to eat, will not cause a lot of mess or clean up, and keep it relatively healthy to not lose too much energy. See some ideas below:

Healthy snacks: Fruits and berries, seaweed snacks, banana, edamame and pumpkin seeds

Filling snacks: Mixed nuts, apple and peanut butter, protein bars, rice balls and carrots or celery with hummus

Sweet snacks: Dried fruit snacks, oat cookies, chocolate covered raisins and peanut M&M’s

Naughty snacks: Popcorn, cheese cubes, chips, candy and chocolate bars

Now there is just one thing left to do, pack those bags and get going! If you have any fun-filled and unique suggestions of your own please let us know! You can also use the MTT App to document your road trip and share your entire trip with family and friends back home. Use the App to document your photos along the way, and meet fellow travellers.

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