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Reasons to Travel While You are Young

The perception of travelling is changing throughout the years; What once people saw as going somewhere to relax and enjoy with family, now it’s more to explore and being alone.  Mindfulness is a practice that we can take with us wherever we go. It’s the “practice of being present,” and that practice doesn’t have to end when we get off a meditation pillow or yoga mat.  Not long ago travelling solo was only for the extreme ones — a small group of travellers who would like to challenge themselves and didn’t wait for anyone consent. Now, it’s a trend. It’s something that everyone should try at least once, and this community is rising by the speed of light.

Working remotely while travelling

The pandemic boosted this trend. People see themselves working remotely, and instead of being locked in fours walls daily, they decide to take a chance by moving to other countries; Some companies are supporting these activities and building great campers for remote workers.  Big and small enterprises today are looking more and more for professionals with a travelling background.

The Importance of Gap Years

Parents start to recommend gap years to their children, and some countries already have a budget to endorse these projects.  I still remember back in 2016 when I moved to Australia, with 25 years old, from Portugal; I genuinely thought I was doing something never once done before. I was apprehensive, cautious and fearful. Already there, I met so many youths with 18 years old, mostly from Northern Europe, and I remember thinking how crazy that was. Eighteen!! With 18 years old I couldn’t even go to the supermarket by myself. Ok, maybe I was a late bloomer, but still, I was shocked. Now, looking back, I understand why it’s so important to do this while so young and how it will affect the learning and growing process.

Benefits of Travel Young

If young adults, or old teenagers, are placed in daily situations that require problem-solving, money management, culture acceptance, work ethic. I can only see benefits. Of course, this type of experience will not have the same impact in every single person who decided to do it, but for sure, either way, it will be unforgettable and a training track. Is this one of the reasons why developed and prosperous countries continue to keep on top?  In my opinion, yes. It’s a process that will bring so many blessings. Future generations are rich in experience, open-minded, and ready to change the world.  It’s a practice that every country should implement and encourage. Governments should fund these activities and try to see the larger picture.  Emotions like Excitement, anticipation, amazement, joy, belonging, frustration, acceptance, dread, sadness, appreciation are going to be present every single day, and they will have to learn how to accept them and embrace it. Travelling, it’s a great teaching process to build empathy. Real-life situations where we have to “put in someone’s shoes”.

Would I change anything?

Usually, when someone asks me if I would change something in my life if I had the opportunity to, I always reply no, because I believe everything happens for a reason.  But if I had to go back in time, I would indeed start travelling younger.

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