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Tourist in your own Country

Updated: May 2, 2020

Why is exploring your own country, not really considered travelling? Is it taboo? Not cool or exciting enough? Maybe boring?

There is nothing dull, uninspiring or lame about planning a trip to discover your own country! In fact, there are countless benefits and reasons to spend some time travelling around your own country. Not sold on the idea yet? See some of the most convincing reasons below.

1. Discover your heritage and history

Travelling always leads to new cultures, religions and beliefs, but what about your own? Planning a trip around your own country, enriches your knowledge about where you came from. It even adds a sense of pride when you discover a part of your country or family’s history that you weren’t familiar with. It gives perspective and comprehension to your country’s role in the world.

2. Rediscover childhood memories

With the stress of day-to-day life, we often forget about the little things, those memories from our past that bring a smile to our faces. Be reminded by your own country to clear your mind, and take the time to re-live those childhood memories from your younger years.

3. Less travel and more exploring

One the biggest disappointments and irritations while travelling, is the actual ‘travel’ aspect. With flying comes long waits, but travelling through your own country can be very quick and efficient. By taking the car, or even the train, you are familiar with the roads and the systems. This means more time for exploring, and less time spent travelling.

4. Make friends close to home

When you are travelling, one of the most exciting and satisfying things is meeting new people, and making long-lasting friendships. However, as soon as you get home, those connections that you made abroad are hard to keep. Even though you promise to stay in touch online, it’s not quite the same as in person. Making friends close to home eliminates this lack of connection after travelling, and makes it easier to keep in touch with your new friends.

5. Gain new perspectives

Create a greater understanding of the world close to you, and gain some new perspective. Change your attitude about travel, people and even your country. By humbly travelling around the place where you live, you will come back with a refreshed mind and self-discovery.

6. Travel for less

When you travel, you spend money, this is inevitable. But you also have unnecessary and unessential expenditures. Travelling through your own country, eliminates the need for air travel, vaccinations, exchange rates etc. You can also avoid tourist traps and save money by staying with people you know.

7. Reduce your carbon footprint

Depending on the size of your country, you could completely eliminate the need for air travel. By travelling locally by train, car or even boats, you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your small part of the environment. Not only is it sustainable, but it makes the journey all the more fun and interesting!

8. Visit friends and family

We make excuses not to see friends and family that live far away, but travelling through your own country is a great way to re-connect. Visit that aunt and uncle that live in the south, or your childhood friend that you haven’t seen since you were six!

Now it is time to do some research, discover what is all around your own country, get excited and start exploring!

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