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Travel after Corona

Updated: May 2, 2020

Our lives all changed in 2020. Those first three months of the year, many of us were either planning trips, getting ready to depart or in the middle of a great adventure already! Crazy how much things can change in such a short period of time; from all that excitement, anticipation and dreams to uncertainty, doubt and even a little bit of gloom.

But with this great change, also comes creativity and new opportunities! We can expect to see a massive difference in the way we are used to travelling. For example, say goodbye to 32-hour travelling with 5 long layovers and packed airplanes, and instead imagine a road trip with your friends, through the scenery and countryside of an unexplored nearby country.

My dream, was to always go as far away as I possibly could, because in my eyes, everything further away was more mesmerizing and breathtaking, than anything could be around the corner. After taking my mother’s advice - *in a nagging voice* “Why don’t you do some research on neighboring countries? You don’t even know half of what is out there, basically under your nose!” – I had to admit that she was right. I had never even considered all the beauty that was right around the corner in Spain, France or even closer, Belgium!

The future of air travel is already proving to become more expensive than we are used to, or even willing to pay. Because of this we have to start looking for alternatives. Travelling by car (or caravan) is a flexible, inexpensive and fun way to travel! Not only are you not limited by time and money, but you have the ability to reach and explore those corners of the country, where a flight could not take you. Consider my revelation (mother’s idea…) from above, and imagine grabbing the car with a group of friends and planning a trip just 6 hours from your home. Where could you go? Not only do you have a destination, but endless possibilities along the way.

Another major thing that this Corona Virus has taught us all, is gratitude. We will no longer be able to take these kinds of experiences for granted, whether you are driving to a nearby town, or flying to Bali for a lavish holiday. Instead of jumping on the first low-cost flight we find, we might spend more time on planning, preparing and admiring the place we are about to travel to. We will offer more respect to those who we travel with, and those who have made our travel possible. There is no need to be sorrow about our future of travelling, because it will pick up again. And this time with new opportunities, chances and appreciation for this beautiful world and the people in it.

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