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Why do We Need Travel Apps

We live in a world that daily is becoming smaller and accessible. Digital is taking over, and companies are prioritizing the development of Mobile apps. They are the best new thing, and several studies by Oracle and MobileSmith have proved that 60% of users prefer mobile apps over Mobi-sites to purchase online. As users, we rather have instant access than browsing the internet; Mobile apps make everything quicker, are more intimate, instant online and offline access, allow new features, and the list goes on.

Rise of social media

Social media became huge, and information spread in milliseconds; There is a dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their creations. New jobs arise every day due to this constant evolution, and others are lost. Influencer marketing is one primary marketing strategy, and tv broadcast slowly dying. Businesses are opening in every corner, and the market is becoming soaked. However, there is a beautiful market, not yet thoroughly explored.

We need Travelling Apps

We are witnessing the urge of travelling apps. A place where finally, travellers can meet and connect. A social media that allow and inspire people to move from their comfort zone so they can explore the world and tell their stories. The value created every day and feelings of helping and caring for others to make this world more active and caring. Users are going to inspire others to move from their comfort zone, instead of staying trapped in four walls. A travelling journal that promotes audacity and wants people to take on challenges, the challenge of exploring the unexplored, the challenge of meeting new people, the challenge of inspiring the next fellow traveller. A niche of adventurous people ready to show how easy it can be to explore this world and increase love.

Building a Caring World

This world needs more active people and solutions that reinforce this strategy. This society needs more diversity and caring. As a traveller, I will be so happy to see genuine and productive likeminded people posting every day, from different landscapes; villages, islands, cities, countries, continents. We need mobile apps that not only make things easier for us but also force us to grasp new memories and stories. What defines us is our story, and what we achieved. One day we want to be able to look back and say that there was nothing we should have done differently, we have been all over, we have helped, we did it all; I am lucky to witness one of my closest friends working on this mobile app, My Travel Tracker, and making this work even in this most peculiar times. Besides knowing that she will make it, I also know that it will be a significant contribution to a lot of users, and I will be proudly one of them.

A huge thank you to Sacha, the Founder and CEO, for making this happen!

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