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How to Travel the World without Leaving the Comfort of your Couch

The amount of creativity over the past months has been jaw dropping and inspiring. The unique ways that businesses are overcoming the Corona-related hurdles is extremely encouraging and uplifting, and gives us all a push in the right direction.

The borders between countries are slowly starting to open up, and the harsh precautionary measures are being softened. This does not mean that we should ignore the safety rules that the government is asking us to follow, no matter in which part of the world we live. Everyday I am hearing and seeing more buzz around the possibility of once again travelling, to either go back to our favourite spot in a warm country, visiting friends and family abroad, or heading to a destination that was on our bucket list long before Corona.

Whilst travelling may still be on hold for a while, technology has astonishingly allowed us to visit anywhere with the blink of an eye, and still stick to those ‘social distancing’ rules. So until we are cleared to fly again, and there is no longer a need for two-week quarantines, check out the list below for virtual travel experiences. Indulge in what we have available to us now, and take this time to re-evaluate your bucket list!

Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam

Are you an art lover and craving those inspiration-filled art trips? The newest innovation, Rijks From Home, allows you to see all their masterpieces up close. This (free) virtual tour means you can walk the halls of this endless, beautiful museum and examine the collection in as much detail as you like. One of the best things about this? No busloads of tourists to get in your way!

Jerusalem City – Israel

Through Samsung RX’s ‘One Day in Jerusalem’ tour, you can experience all the wonders that this genuine city has to offer. This tour was made possible by Sygic Travel VR, so for the best experience, put on your VR goggles and get whisked away to this magical place.

Universal Studios – Orlando

Were you looking forward to a thrill trip with your friends or family before Corona happened? Maybe you had already bought your tickets to one of the Disney or Universal Parks. To keep you excited for your trip, Universal Studios offers virtual tours of the entire park! The 360-degree experience shows all the rides available in the park, so you know exactly what to expect, and can get hyped for when the park re-opens.

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

One of my favorite sights on a holiday is those unique sunrises and sunsets, because they are different all around the world but equally as mesmerizing. A breathtaking view, that cannot be missed, is from the Cliffs of Moher, and we are incredibly lucky that we get to take in these spectacles from our own home.

Central Park – New York

A lot of us are lucky enough to be able to go outside, on a short walk or to the grocery store, any excuse really! However, not all of us have this luxury. Those who are more prone to catching the virus cannot go on that daily walk around the block to breathe in the fresh air and get some exercise. Central Park has therefore come up with a great initiative that allows everyone to access and experience the park from their laptop or other mobile device. So set up your laptop, sit outside or open a window and let this tour take you on a special experience.

Giant Ice Caves – Werfen

This thrill packed adventure usually ventures deep into Austria’s hidden ice caves. Now you can experience through a virtual tour that shows a 400-meter ice palace, and an ice tunnel covered in glittery and furry crystals, that run for 100-meters.

National Parks – The United States

The National Parks Service in the US has a virtual feature that allows visitors to explore the biggest and most beautiful parks in the country. For example, there are eight different webcams around Yosemite Park that are on 24/7 so that you can experience the park all day long from different angles. Explore the NPS website and check out which other parks are offering these tours.

Swim with Sea Lions – Channel Islands

The National Marine Sanctuary protects over 3,800 square kilometers and have innovated a new way to share the immense under water beauty with us. In the Island Channels of the UK you can completely immerse yourself in this interactive sea lion experience! Be taken away to this under water experience and see how these mesmerizing creatures play and frolic around in the water.

Google Arts Project: Street Art – World Wide

This extremely unique virtual walking tour, explores all of the greatest graffiti works from around the world. This Google Arts Project offers interactive features, allows the viewers to get up close and personal with the pieces, and learn all about the artist and the stories behind them.

Virtual Airbnb Experiences – World Wide

A great way to meet locals and other travelers on a trip, is by taking part in an Airbnb Experience. Whether you are learning to cook a local dish, discovering the wonders of the ocean by snorkeling, partaking in a beautiful yet challenging hike, or doing yoga on the beach! All of this is now also possible with Airbnb’s new Online Experiences, where one-of-a-kind virtual experiences are offered by expert hosts. See some examples below

  • Japan: Learn to draw with Japan’s Manga University

  • USA: On the farm with mini-horses and donkeys

  • Mexico: Cook Mexican street tacos with a pro-chef

  • UK: Guided meditation with sleepy sheep

  • Czech Republic: Follow a plague doctor through Prague

  • India: Visit India’s largest street art colony

  • Portugal: Sangria and secrets with drag queens

  • Ukraine: Meet the dogs of Chernobyl

Are you itching to tell us your greatest travel stories? Comment below or join the MTT Community on Facebook!

Note: click on the title's to directly link you to the online experience or adventure!

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